Endorsed Candidates 2023

Mom Tested. Mom Approved!

“You don’t just get the mom vote.  You have to earn it!” –Kimberly Fletcher

Moms for America Action has vetted candidates for various offices and found them worthy of our endorsement. We reviewed candidates from School Board to Congress on Constitutional Principles and issues that matter to moms from Parental Rights to School Choice and Economy to Rule of Law. They were reviewed on principles not politics, and positions not party affiliations. These endorsements are based on their current records and positions not future performance. That is up to all of us. We encourage you to form relationships with those who represent you at all levels of government to ensure their future performance reflects the reason they received our Mom-Approved Endorsement. Please check back as we will be adding more endorsements through the year. If there are candidates you would like for us to review, please have them fill out one of the questionnaires found in the navigation bar above, and you can also email us with your recommendations at Moms@MomsForAmerica.net



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