MomVote - Moms for America & Moms for America Action

Moms Will Reclaim the Culture for Truth

MomVote - Moms for America & Moms for America Action

Moms Will Reclaim the Culture for Truth

As a mom, we know you want to be part of restoring patriotism and solid values to our nation. The problem is with everything going on in the world, it can start to feel like things are too out of control to make a change.

We believe moms are the key to reclaiming our culture for truth and no one should feel helpless in a government by the people and for the people. That’s why Moms for America created MomVote – to empower moms to find voter information quickly and easily. You can be part of this powerful movement of moms who won’t settle for anything less than the best for the children.

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Moms for America - Candidates Endorsements

Your Vote is Your Voice

So you’re registered to vote – and you are ready to change the direction this country is currently headed in. You know every vote counts. You may know the “names” on the ballot, but you need to know so much more! So Moms for America Action has done some of the leg work for you. It’s important to know where the candidates stand on the critical issues facing the mothers in America.

Moms for America Action is vetting the candidates that are running in the upcoming local elections and found many that are worthy of endorsement. We’re reviewing candidates from School Board to Congress and we’re reviewing them on principles not politics, and positions not party affiliations. These endorsements are based on their current records and positions not future performance. The Endorsed Candidates page will give you the insight you need to make educated decisions when you head to the polls!