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The 2022 Elections are Critical
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The 2022 Congressional Report Card

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See Where The Congressional Members Stand On The 12 Most Critical Issues of 2022

2022 Moms for America Congressional Report Card



Your Vote is Your Voice

So you’re registered to vote – and you are ready to change the direction this country is currently headed in. You know every vote counts. You know the “names” on the ballot, but you need to know so much more! So Moms for America Action has done some of the leg work for you. We have graded all 535 members of Congress on the critical issues facing the mothers in America. This Congressional Report Card will give you the insight you need to make educated decisions when you head to the polls!

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We Asked the Tough Questions

Our Congressional Report Card pulled no punches! From parental rights, to school choice, critical race theory, SEL, gender equity, and comprehensive sex education – We scored the Congress on how they supported the bills that address these problems. Where do your congressmen stand on immigration, the borders, election security, law and order and the assault on our 2nd Amendment – and how they are working in their states and districts to address these problems?

Medical Freedom & The Economy

Covid-19 is now a yearly virus. Approximately 224 million people have received the Covid Vaccine, leaving slightly over a million unvaccinated. It’s important to know how your candidate stands on bills such as H.R. 2384 – No Vaccine Passports Act! So many Americans are struggling to get back on their feet after the Covid lockdowns and now with unprecedented inflation rates our people and our economy are hurting.

Medical Freedom - Covid 19
2022 Moms for America Congressional Report Card

The Congressional Report Card

We commend the members of congress who received an “A” on our Moms for America® 2022 Congressional Report Card. They are putting moms and their families first as they vote to preserve our liberties. Click the button below to get your copy of the report card, and be sure to make your “informed” vote in November 2022!

The Congressional Report Card Questionnaire

While Moms for America® and Moms for America Action® cannot directly endorse candidates, we can provide information on who the candidates are, and where they stand on the issues. To help provide moms with this valuable information, we have converted our score card into a questionnaire which can be completed by candidates running for Congressional office.

This questionnaire should only take 20 to 25 minutes to complete and will provide valuable information to moms about your candidacy and your positions.

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