Candidate Questionnaire

Moms for America Action has created an Endorsed Candidates Map.  It’s important to know, you don’t just get the Moms endorsement, it has to be earned. It’s our goal to provide all of our Moms with information on who the candidates are, and where they stand on the issues. To help provide moms with this valuable information, we have created this questionnaire that focuses on the questions and issues that moms want to know most about the people that are running for office in their community.

This questionnaire should only take a few minutes to complete and will provide valuable information to moms about your candidacy and positions.

If you are running for a Federal or State Office, or are a School Board or Library Board candidate please use the appropriate form from the drop-down list above, instead of this form.

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12. Do you support making laws to protect life keeping in mind there are many views on what this means?
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