State Candidate Questionnaire

Moms for America Action has created an Endorsed Candidates Map.  It’s important to know, you don’t just get the Moms endorsement, it has to be earned. It’s our goal to provide all of our Moms with information on who the candidates are, and where they stand on the issues. To help provide moms with this valuable information, we have created this questionnaire that focuses on the questions and issues that moms want to know most about the people that are running for office in their community.

This is the STATE QUESTIONNAIRE, it should only take a few minutes to complete and will provide valuable information to moms about your candidacy and positions. If you are running for a FEDERAL Office please use the Federal Questionnaire.

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3. Would you support or oppose implementing specific policies to promote fiscal responsibility and reduce government spending at the state level, while also addressing debt and ensuring a sustainable economic future for your state?*
4. Do you support or oppose the belief that the pandemic’s negative impact on medical freedom, which emphasized the importance of safeguarding individual liberties, as well as its negative economic consequences on the people, calls for crucial lessons learned and need for both federal and state governments to avoid overregulation and overreach on small businesses while effectively preparing to handle future challenges?*
5. In the context of the Bill of Rights, do you support or oppose safeguarding and upholding individual liberties, such as the right to bear arms and freedom of speech, when confronted with potential challenges?*
6. Considering the ongoing debates on the environment, would you support or oppose balancing economic growth and environmental protection in your approach to environmental policies?*
7. Do you support and advocate for religious freedom as a fundamental right for all citizens in our nation?*
8. Given the issues concerning open borders, border security, and drugs (like fentanyl), do you endorse the classification of Mexican cartels as a terrorist organization and recognize them as a significant national security threat to the United States?*
9. Do you believe the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are important and necessary?*
10. Would you support or oppose the implementation of policies to expand school choice options, such as charter schools, vouchers, or education savings accounts, to empower parents to make the best educational decisions for their children?*
11. Would you support or oppose passing laws to make it illegal to transition children medically or chemically under 18 years of age?*
12. Would you support or oppose passing laws to restrict the education of students from K-12 on gender identity, homosexuality, and sexual conduct, and instead, adhere strictly to biology, science, and biological nature?*
13. Would you support or oppose implementing classical liberal arts education standards in K-12?*
14. Do you believe that parental rights are fundamental and hold the highest authority, and would you support prioritizing and protecting these rights in education? This includes acknowledging parents’ fundamental role in teaching, raising, and nurturing their children. Please indicate whether you support or oppose this approach.*
15. If elected, would you support and implement the bill introduced by Moms for America Action that endorses the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Standard in schools, prohibiting obscene, indecent, and profane content, similar to the regulations for radio and TV broadcasts?*
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