Moms for America Action Endorses Ron DeSantis

September 8, 2022

September 8, 2022
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Moms for America Endorses Ron DeSantis

and Candidates Across America from School Board to Congress

Greg Abbott Endorsed by Moms for America

Branson, MO – Kimberly Fletcher, President and founder Moms for America (MFA) and Moms for America Action (MFAA), announced the endorsements of their Mom-Approved candidates for the November Election from School Board to Congress.

Moms for America Action vetted the candidates via interviews, current and past positions, and voting records regarding issues of prime importance to moms.

“The primary issue that garnered the Moms for America Action endorsement was first and foremost where do they stand on Constitutional Principles.  Having a sound understanding of Constitutional Principles means that they will understand how to handle issues such as Parental Rights, Education Choice, basic Economics, and Rule of Law.”

“They were reviewed on principles not politics, and positions not party affiliations. These endorsements are based on their current records and positions not future performance. That is up to all of us. We encourage you to form relationships with those who represent you at all levels of government to ensure their future performance reflects the reason they received our Mom-Approved Endorsement.”


Moms for America Action promotes public policy based on the freedom sustaining principles of Free Enterprise, Limited Government, Entrepreneurship, Individual Freedom, National Sovereignty, Traditional American Values, Strong National Defense and Constitutional Rule of Law.

For more information or questions, please reach out to Maria Wagner.